After many years of service and due to low participation, GLADA is retiring as a resource for groups in the Midwest area. GLADA will cease operations as of January 1, 2023. Closing will take a bit of time, and will consist of:

• Closing the P.O. box (P.O. Box 14031, Chicago, IL  60614)

• Discontinuing the phone message line (888-816-3213)

• Discontinuing the GLADA.org website and domain (prepaid – will automatically discontinue after a few months once funding source is removed)

• Closing the Gmail account ([email protected]) in a few months

• Closing the GLADA bank account and transferring the funds (approximately $791.21 as of the end of November 2022) as follows:

> 50% to DA General Service Office (debtorsanonymous.org)
> 50% to DA Northern Plains Intergroup (danorthernplains.org)

It has been great working with so many wonderful DA members over the years!  If you have any feedback, questions, or would like a copy of the final treasury report, please email  [email protected] and someone will respond as soon as possible.


Yours in service,

Great Lakes Area Debtors Anonymous

  (Pat. B., Kathy C., Pam D., Julie K.)


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